We Help You Unlock Your Competitive Advantage

We support leading business owners to stop, take a breath, and learn how to reinvent themselves.

There are two types of businesses.  The first, will probably never get Differentiation for their business.

They are out there giving it their best shot, battling away claiming "higher quality" or "superior value" or they claim to have "better products and services".  They feel better than their competition and the TRUTH will prevail.

To get ahead, these businesses surround themselves with all manner of gurus, marketing, sales, SEO, pay per click, you name it, someone has a solution to accelerate their business, of course for a cost.

Unfortunately, their competitors are surrounding themselves with the same "you-can-trust-me" gurus, and guess what, nothing is different!

The other type of businesses have the understanding that being different is important. It just seems way too hard and they don't know where to start.  

Their TRUTH, they just don't think they are much different to their competiiton and it is easier to compete on price. If we can't figure out what is different about us, we'll just  discount the guts out of it, to win the sale!

Get a grip.  Either option sucks and has no future!


Differentiate or Die

Research, results and leading businesses have found a better way.

Be different, provide value, the first time and every time.

It's not hard when you know what you're doing, damn hard when you don't!

Got an elevator pitch. Know how to write and memorise one?

NO!  We'll show you how, step by step.

Our programs have been created and developed as a result of significant need.

Research shows 87% of all businesses do not have any sort of Differentiation Strategy. 

Where do you sit?  In the leading 13% or hanging on for dear life in the 87%?

As an example, here is our elevator pitch... Below.

Biz Dynamics help business owners fix the problems they know they have, and don’t know how to solve on their own.   How?

          We use research, we talk to your customers and ask questions.  Together we identify the problems and uncover the hidden opportunities.  We use unique and proven processes and technology to deliver results.

We recommend and demonstrate options to help you unlock your potential.  We challenge you to be different!  We work with you to solve your problems, and show you how to discover your competitive advantage.

  • Who knows what may be possible until you ask?Please give us a call to discover how the power of Dynamic Differentiation can change your business.