We host regular face to face programs in QLD, NSW and VIC.
Other locations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia are available on request.

Hands On Intensive

  • Full 5 day hands on practical intensive
  • 1 day/month working on your business
  • Build an "Elevator Pitch" that works
  • Unlock your business Differentiation
  • 90 sec web page video
  • Available for 2 people per business
  • Limited to 10 teams per program
  • Pay as you go - $990 over 5 months
  • And much more -

Tailored Differentiation

  • Differentiation business diagnostic
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Independent customer survey & review
  • Differentiation planning workshop
  • Marketing & sales strategic plan
  • Author collateral & templates
  • 3 referee videos
  • Model test & measure over 12 months
  • A tailored program for your business

We Invite you to subscribe

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Exclusive Opportunities

With each program we are selective who can attend.  For obvious reasons, we do not allow attendees from the same or similar industries to work together.  Why would we? Our programs show you how to be different.  Hence every attendee is required to sign a simple agreement to commit to keeping the information we disclose confidential.  This is for your benefit, to protect your interests and the value of your investment.

Be Part of Our Communty

Once you complete a Dynamic Differentiation® program, we will invite you to join our alumni community.  On LinkedIn and Facebook, we will invite you to join our groups.  Hey, they will not be large and there is a reason for that.  We only work with around 100 companies each year across Australia.  It is not about quantity for us, it is all about the quality and how those lucky few learn how to lead the pack.


Many businesses provide a Guarantee as part of their sales and marketing message, designed to develop trust between themselves and their customers.  Great, important and necessary for any business.  You see, we take it a step further.  We make you a promise. That is… to provide you with the best, most relevant, most comprehensive Differentiation program available anywhere in the world.  Here is the kicker.  We are unable to guarantee definitively it will work for all our clients.  Why?  It is your business and what you do with the information we provide to you is completely up to you. 

An old saying would ring some truth here…  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  

Don’t implement what we teach you, and guess what, expect more of the same! 

Cancel at Any Time

Not what you expected, things change at work or home, we understand.  You can cancel at any time without any more to pay.  Our primary goal is that you are happy. We are confident the expertise, tools, and advice we provide will add significant value to you and your customers.  We rely on you to help us build our business with useful recommendations and referrals.  We honour and respect that our success, is dependent on your success.  We take that very seriously!

  • Who knows what may be possible until you ask?Please give us a call to discover how the power of Dynamic Differentiation can change your business.