Here's a heads-up about our phone conversation

To get started, I’ll spend a few minutes by phone to learn some facts about you and your business. 

By asking you some general questions, this will help me get a handle on where you and your business are right now.  Next, I’ll ask about where you’re heading and your future aspirations.

Having a clear picture, about your business and the industry segments you service, enables me to identify if your business may benefit by unlocking Differentiation strategies.

This is not about me selling any of our programs to you. Our programs are not for everyone, therefore I’ll invest a few minutes on the phone together with you, to ensure this would be a good fit.

Important to mention, we don’t allow two companies from the same industry to do our programs in the same year.  This means we only have 30 program positions available per year, per state.

If you are unable to participate, then I’ll do my best to recommend alternative business support programs to help or a different path that may be more suitable for you.

If together, we agree that Dynamic Differentiation is an appropriate fit for you and your business, then I will explain in more detail how our programs work.

Important that I am completely upfront with everyone. Our programs start at AU $990 per month payable over five months, through to tailored programs which include one on one business differentiation enablement, commencing from AU $9,900 per month.  All prices shown are GST inclusive.

Four Agreements

 I understand this is not a free coaching session, nor is it some sort of sales trap to entice me to buy.

  I confirm that if Douglas and I agree it is a good idea to work together, I am ready to get started when the next program is available.

  I am aware that there is an investment to participate in a Dynamic Differentiation® program of  AU$990 over 5 months.

  Lastly, I will keep the secrets I learn, to myself, for the benefit of my business