Could this be right for your Company?

This program is for those who know they have problems, but don’t know how to solve them on their own. We guide you across five full days, split over five months; how to define, articulate and implement your business differentiation strategy. We show you “How-To-Do-it” covering four primary areas of your business each day, with a review session on the last day.  

This program is completely hands on.  No theory here, just practical solutions, when implemented get results.  Each day we focus on a core function in your business, pull what you are currently doing apart and put it back together.  You then have one month, (20 business days) to go back to your business and put into action what you have learnt.

Look, we realise the biggest challenge for most business owners is time.  If we stuck you in a room for 5 days and then asked you to implement what you had crammed, guess what, research shows 95% of what you learnt you would forget, after just 3 days.  What a waste.  We could also deliver this online.  Doesn’t work for over 92% of people either.  Another waste of time and investment.  You see, people learn best when they are face to face, interacting with other like-minded people.  Here you can ask questions, trip and fumble, in an environment where it is safe to get back up and keep going.

Differentiation is for your customers benefit not yours.  Everything you do in your business is to attract customers, make a sale for a profit, over and over again.  Hence, Dynamic Differentiation® is all about the customer and how you can influence your customer’s purchasing decision.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Yet so many companies get it so wrong, wow what an opportunity for those who get it right!  That is what we do, show you how to get the customer interface from start to finish right… every time.  

You have the questions, we have the answers.  Our programs are confidential, safe, authentic, often challenging, definitely fun and extremely revealing.