How to rocket ahead of your competition to attract and retain loyal clients.

Consumers have endless choices, with most products and services virtually identical. Your challenge... stand out from the crowd and avoid slashing margins to win sales. 

If you are genuinely looking for answers, need help, then we'll pull no punches and tell you like it is. Competition is cut throat, so why should consumers buy from you?  Be different, do different, provide solutions your customers want and need. We show you why differentiation is so powerful, HOW TO be leaders not followers!


Where does your business sit compared to your competition?

Are you a star performer in your area of business services, or are you a follower?

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We help you fix the problems you know you have

A Differentiation Strategy positions your company as unique in your industry or area. When you understand how to communicate why your products and services have a specific and unique value or solve particular problems, you automatically stand out! 

Your customers may want, specialised products or services, be searching for unique features which provide tangible benefits, want to pay a premium for brand image, demand superior quality, expect demonstrated reliability, or desire location convenience.  What do you offer?  

If you have been competing for sales you should have won, only to be underbid or undersold by your competitors, what are you going to do about it?  Do you want more of the same or is it time to look for better ways to reposition your brand as a leader not a follower!


Interested? Not sure if this is for you?

Has your business stagnated and going backwards?  Time for a change, need to do things differently and not sure where to start.  

Start by reading our How-to-Guide, attend a Webinar to assess any possible value for your business.

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Free Information

Ready to have a go at Differentiating your business by yourself?   Our free reference  "How To Guide" discusses the necessary steps.



We schedule regular webinars for people listen and learn about Differentiation and other topics.  A great forum to ask questions.


Hands On Intensive

The world's best 5 day intensive business Differentiation program.  For a max of 10  company teams per program.  


Tailored Differentiation

End to end holistic solution. For those who require external intervention and guidance. We implement what we recommend.

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